Mini camping de Loane

De corona heeft tot gevolg dat we volgens de RIVM regels onze sanitaire ruimte moeten gebruiken.

De gezondheid van ons allemaal staat voorop! Wij volgen de ontwikkelingen en passen indien nodig deze aan.
Houd afstand en denk een beetje om elkaar ook als straks alles weer veilig is!
Dear guests,
Our campsite follows the guidelines set by RIVM and the national government. In addition, we take a
number of extra measures and rules to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. You must adhere to this.
What does this mean for you as a guest?
- We do not shake hands on arrival and departure.
- At the campsite we keep 1.5 meters away from the other guests and the owners.
- Guests are only welcome until 15 June with a caravan or camper, which has their own toilet and laundry
- Caravans and campers may only be occupied by family members, who also form a household at home.
- When you come to our campsite, you are free of corona symptoms. The moment you get a cold, cough,
itchy throat, increase, etc. then you stay at home.
- Complaints or symptoms? Report this immediately to the campsite owners.
- If you are staying at the campsite and you get one or more of the above symptoms, you have to go home.
- The sanitary facilities will remain available to the guests of the log cabin as private sanitary facilities until
June 15. After June 15, the sanitary is open again and we ask you as a guest to take the other guests into
account and keep the 1.5 meters away. This means that you will sometimes have to wait a little longer for
"your turn" when visiting the shower and toilets.
- The water tap at the coach house and the dump for the chemical toilet are open.
- It is possible to use the washing machine, but you are requested to wipe it off with the disposable towels
provided after using the washing machine.
In addition to the rules imposed by us, the generally applicable advice applies to our campsite:
- Don't shake hands
- Wash your hands regularly and well.
- Cough and sneeze inside your elbow.
- Use tissue paper and throw them away after use.
- Keep 1.5 meters apart.
- Stay at home if you have a cold.
We expect you to follow the above advice and rules. Use common sense, consider each other and take
good care of each other and yourself.